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Factory Supply Wholesale Stevia Sugar Powder

Factory Supply Wholesale Stevia Sugar Powder

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Factory Supply Wholesale Stevia Sugar Powder

stevia sugar sweeteners extract

Product details:

Botanical NameStevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl
Active IngredientStevioside, Rebaudioside A
Appearancewhite powder
CAS NO57817-89-7
Applicationfood, pharmaceutical, beverage, health care etc
Molecular Formula:C38H60O18
Molecular Weight:804.87
Sweetness:250~480 times than sugar


Our stevia healthy sugar and stevia tablets adopt the Reb-A 98% as the main ingredient. It not only maintains stevia’s advantage of high sweetness and Zero calorie, but also effectively improves stevia’s after bitterness. It is the Healthy table-top Sweetener which has Zero calorie, Zero fat, Zero sugar, and Zero protein.Meanwhile, it’s convenient to carry and use.

This type of product is a newly developed ready-to-use food which is directly edible, and has a fresh and pleasant taste, without the sweet greasy taste and high calories of cane sugar, so it can be eaten as the substitute of cane sugar. Since the newly developed product is compounded with stevia and some food accessories such as Malt dextrin and starch, it inherits all the advantages of stevia and natural characteristic,so it’s quite suitable for patients of diabetes, hypertension, dental caries and arteriosclerosis to use. It has an auxiliary therapeutic function as well as preventative function.

Main Function:

1.Stevia Extract helps solve various skin problems.
2.Stevia Extract can control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
3.Stevia Extract helps lose weight and reduce cravings for fatty foods.
4.Stevia Extract's anti-bacterial properties help prevent minor illness and cure minor wounds.
5.Adding stevia extract to your mouthwash or toothpaste results in improved oral health.
6.Stevia Extract induced beverages lead to improved digestion and gastrointestinal functions besides providing relief from upset stomachs.


1.Applied in the food field, stevia extract is mainly used as a non-calorie food sweetener.
3.Applied in other products, such as beverage, liquor, meat, daily products and so on.
2.Applied in pharmaceutical field, stevia is approved to use in medicine, and developing many new products in few years.

Certificate of analysis:

Product NameStevia Extract
Other NameStevia rebaudiana, ext.;
Stevialeaf P.E.extract;
Stevia P.E./ Stevioside;
Stevia P.E.extract/Stevioside
English nameSweetening chrysanthemum P.E
Botanical SourceFolium Stevlae Rebaudianae
Latin namestevia rebaudiana
CAS NO.91722-21-3
EINECS No294-422-4
Part UsedLeaf
Active Ingredient(stevioside)  (RebaudiosideA)A,D,C,E (dulcoside)A
specification1.Stevioside:80% ,90%,92%,95%

2.Rebaudioside-A:40%,40%,80%,90% 95%,98%

Test MethodHPLC
Appearancewhite powder
CAS No.Stevioside 57817-89-7
EINECS No.Stevioside 260-975-5
Molecular FormulaStevioside C38H60O18
Molecular WeightStevioside 804.87


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