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SHANGHAI CBAGRO CO.,LTD is an experienced plant extract manufacturer and wholesale supplier of natural plant extract, botanical extract, essential oil, herbal extract from China. our factory has passed ISO9001, plant extract have acquired EU & USDA organic and kosher certificate, with more than 100 kinds of plant extract products.

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Service Team

Provide one-to-one customized services to meet the different needs

Stable Supply

Have own raw material base to assure supply and quick delivery

Quality Assurance

Good reputation in this industry and certificated by ISO9001,ISO22000,KOSHER. HALAL etc. Rich experience in providing natural extracts.

Technical Support

Factory is equipped with advanced multi-functional extraction tank , reaction kettle and two stage reverse osmosis etc. Customized on demand.

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If You Have Any Questions, Please Let Us Know. We Will Reply You Within 12 Hours !

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Popular Applications

  • Losing Weight Extract
  • Natural male enhancement herbs
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Natural fruit vegetable powder
  • Natural essential oil