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Perilla oil

Pure and natural Perilla leaf oil

 Product detail:

Product:perilla oil
Appearance:light yellow to greenish-yellow
Odor:with a characteristic perilla leaf aroma
Relative density:0.9150~0.9325
Refractive index:1.4985~1.5120
Optical rotation:-6º~+20º
Solubility:easy soluble in 90% ethanol

Perilla Extract:

Perilla frutescens (L. ) Britt. (syn. Perilla nankinensis (Lour. ) Decne. etc. ) is a cultivated plant of the mint family Lamiaceae. It is the species identification encompassing two distinct varieties of the traditional crop in East Asia:

  1. ) P. Frutescens var. Crispa, the aromatic leafy herb called by its Japanese name shiso, which in turn is a loan word from the Chinese pinyin: Zi-su; Wade-Giles: Tsu-su. The plant occurs in red (purple-leaved) or green-leaved forms. The now less fashionable English name "beefsteak plant" has been superseded by the Japanese-derived name shiso in the mass media and popular literature.
  2. ) P. Frutescens var. Frutescens or var. Japonica, the oilseed crop, source of perilla oil and a common food ingredient in Korean cuisine, both as "wild sesame" in seed form, and as "sesame leaves". The provisional English name "wild sesame" is a literal translation of the Korean name Hangul: RR: Deulggae; MR: Tulkkae. In Japan this type of perilla is called egoma ) ( Japanese: E-; Pinyin: Ren; WadeGiles: Jen; Korean: Im), and is not shiso.

Main Function:

  1. Lowering blood pressure.
  2. Inhibiting platelet aggregation.
  3. Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and anti-cancer.


1.Pharmaceutical stuff;

2.Functional food and food additive;

3.Cosmetics additive;

Color according to Lovibond≤yellow 35, red 3.0 (133.4mm)
Taste and Odourthe typical taste of the oil, mild with no bitter after taste
Cold test (0℃, 5.5 hours)Clear and transparent
Acid Value≤1.0mgKOH/g
Fatty Acid
Palmitic acid C16:025.0-35.0%
Palmitoleic acid28.0-35.0%
Total Carotenoids≥150 mg/100g
Vitamin E≥100 mg/100g
Safety Items:
Pesticide residue≤10μg/kg
Aflatoxin B1≤10μg/kg
Heavy Metals