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pure natural Natto Extract Powder Nattokinase powder

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Natto powder

pure natural Natto Extract Powder / Nattokinase powder

Product Name: Nattokinase

Botanical Source: Glycine max(L.) Merr

CAS No.: 26247-79-0

Appearance: Yellow-white fine powder

Active Ingredient: Nattokinase 5000FU/G, 12000FU/G, 20000FU/G

Preparation: Nattokinase is extracted from Natto. Natto is made from soybeans fermented by natto bacillus.

Water: not more than 5.0%

Active Ingredient: Nattokinae 5000fu/g,10000 fu/g,20000fu/g

Product Description:

Most natto is purchased premade, and not often made at home. It is usually created by adding the bacteria Bacillus subtilis formerly known as Bacillus natto, to the soybeans during fermentation. This is what produces the sticky soybeans and the strong smell.
Many people who try natto for the first time find the flavor to be nutty and a bit sharp, better tasting than smelling. Others feel this food is bland and think it needs additional flavoring. For those who cannot get past the smell, there are some companies that have produced low odor natto, and these might be more palatable. Not every person in Japan enjoys natto, and it is most popular in eastern parts of the country. It is also hard to find outside of Japan, though occasionally Asian markets will stock it in the frozen section. It may also be possible to find natto ice cream or dried natto, which is eaten like nuts or chips. In Korea, a similar dish includes fermented soybeans and is called cheongguikjang. The Chinese also make a fermented black bean dish called douchi.


1.Nattokinase remains active in the body for 8 to 12 hours. It not only dissolves existing blood clots, but prevents blood coagulation as well and may be a valuable precautionary measure in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is associated increasingly with long-haul travel. However, research has yet to confirm.

2.In addition to its anti-clotting factors, Nattokinase has been found to reduce blood pressure. It contains substances that inhibit a naturally-occurring enzyme that causes blood vessels to narrow and blood pressure to rise.

3. Nattokinase is one of several enzymes related to your circulation.