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bột táo gai

bột táo gai

CÔNG TY TNHH CBAGRO THƯỢNG HẢI | Nhà sản xuất và cung cấp chiết xuất thực vật thiên nhiên chuyên nghiệp |

bột táo gai

 Thông số kỹ thuật:

Product NameHawthorn PowderBrand Name CNLAB
Ngoại hìnhYellow Brown Fine PowderUsed PartFruit
Ứng dụngPharmaceutical and Food GradeExtraction TypeSolvent Extraction


Bài báoSự chỉ rõKết quả
Odor & TasteĐặc tínhConforms
Mesh SizeNLT 98% through 80 meshConforms
Mất mát khi sấy khô≤5.00%1.53%
Ash Content≤5.00%1.03%
Total Heavy Metal ≤10ppmConforms
Tổng số mảng≤1000cfu / gConforms
Men & nấm mốc≤100cfu / gConforms
SalmonellaPhủ địnhPhủ định
E coliPhủ địnhPhủ định

Functions of hawthorn powder:

1.Improves blood supply to the heart by dilating the coronary blood vessels;

2. Inhibits the angiotensin converting enzyme(ACE), reducing the amount of stress placed on the heart.

3. Improves metabolic processes in the heart;

4. Prevents atherosclerosis(hardening of the arteries);

5. Lower blood pressure.

6.It helps to increase the utilization of oxygen in the heart while increasing enzyme metabolism in the heart muscle.

7.It helps your heart be stronger and more efficiently without increasing the strain.

8. Hawthorn berry can promote the secretion of gastric juice and bile, increasing amylase and lipolytic enzyme in the stomach.

9. Hawthorn also can lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease (CHD).

10. Hawthorn berry can prevent cold, headache and fever. It can also be used to suffer from insomnia, obesity, diabetes, and frostbite.

11.It can fight cancer. Hawthorn dilate blood vessels, reducing blood fat, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

Ứng dụng:

1.Applied in food field, mainly as a functional food additive, added into a various of food;

2. Applied in health food field, it can be used in health product as a wide range of raw materials;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is used to treat coronary heart disease, angina cordis,               bradycardia and high heart rate arrhythmia.