100% Natural Organic Acai Berry Extract Powder

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100% Natural Organic Acai Berry Extract Powder

100% Natural Organic Acai Berry Extract Powder

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100% Natural Organic Acai Berry Extract Powder

English Name:  Acai Fruit Powder

Ngoại hình:  Deep Purple Fine Powder

Plant Use Part:  Berry

Sự chỉ rõ:  5% Anthocyanidins 1%VC ,10: 1

Assay Method:  HPLC

Sự miêu tả:

The Acai berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is a very powerful antioxidant, known as the world's most beneficial superfood, has recently been taking the world by storm with its amazing health benefits, including: weight management, improvements in energy, improvements with digestion, helping detoxification, improving skin appearance, improving heart health, reducing the signs of aging, and the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Hàm số:

1.Increase Energy, Provide a powerful antioxidant protection.

2.Support the normal cell cycle and cell integrity.

3.Maintain good cardiovascular health.

4.Support Healthy Immune Function.

5.Help to improve memory.

6.Promote healthy blood sugar levels.

7.Promote the adjustment of normal enzymes and hormones.

8.Improved Digestion,Better Quality Sleep ,High Protein Value ,High Level of Fiber ,Rich Omega Content for Your Heart ,Boosts Your Immune System ,Essential Amino Acid Complex ,Helps Normalize Cholesterol Levels,Acai Berries Have 33 Times the Antioxidant Power of Red Grapes and Red Wine

Ứng dụng:

1.Applied in health product field, as raw material to produce various kinds of health products, such as poria cocos polysaccharide capsule, tablet, electuary and so on.

2,Applied in pharmaceutical field, oral pachymaran is a kind of common medicine to treat tumour.

3,Applied in cosmetic field, as raw material to added into cosmetic, which can delay skin aging.