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Manufacturer Supply Best Quality Vitamin D2

Manufacturer Supply Best Quality Vitamin D2

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Manufacturer Supply Best Quality Vitamin D2

Product NameVitamin D2CAS No.50-14-6
EINECS200-014-9Other Name(3beta)-9,10-Secoergosta-5,7,10(19),22-tetraen-3-ol
Melting point115-119 ºCAppearanceWhite Crystal Powder
Molecular formulaC28H44O
Molecular weight396.65Specification98%
DescriptionVitamin D2, Vitamin D2), chemical name for 9, 10 - open loop ergot steroid - 5, 7, 10 (19), 22-4-3 beta - alcohol. Colorless needle crystal or white crystalline powder; Odourless, tasteless; With light or air are perishable. For the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency, chronic hypocalcemia, low phosphorus, rickets and osteomalacia associated with chronic renal insufficiency, familial low phosphorus and low parathyroid function (postoperative parathyroid function), idiopathic or sham treatment, used in the treatment of acute and chronic and potential tetany disease and idiopathic tetany after surgery.
Functions and UsageAs a kind of vitamin medicine, it takes part in the metaboly and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the acceleration of the calcification of bone matrix. Used for rachitis, osteomalacia and poor performance of parathyroid gland, specially for hypogenesis of children, calcium deficiency in duration of pregnancy, osteoporosis of old people. It can also work as nutrition additive in food industry and composite fodder additive in fodder industry.
Indications1, for the prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency. Such as: vegan, parenteral nutrition compound calcium zinc D D Complex calcium zinc D D Patient, pancreatic insufficiency with malabsorption syndrome, liver disease, liver damage, liver cirrhosis, obstructive jaundice), small intestine disease limitations (fatty diarrhea, enteritis, chronic diarrhea), gastric resection, etc.
DI1, acid, magnesium and vitamin D are the same as using in medicine, especially for high can cause rickets in children with chronic renal failure patients Children with rickets Magnesium hematic disease.

2,phenytoin sodium, anti-seizure medication, flapping m ketone can reduce the effect of vitamin D2, such as long-term use of anti-seizure medication should supply vitamin D to prevent osteomalacia.

3, calcitonin Shared with vitamin D can offset the curative effect of hypercalcemia.

4, large dose of calcium supplements or diuretic use with often dose of vitamin D, be at risk of hypercalcemia.

5, take an examination of to enamine, for mooring test, mineral oil, sucralfate, etc all can reduce the absorption of vitamin D in the small intestine.

6, digitalis with vitamin D2 available should be cautious, hypercalcemia caused by vitamin D2, easy to induce arrhythmia. 7, a large number of phosphorus drugs to be Shared with vitamin D, may induce hyperphosphatemia.

StorageStored in a clean, cool, dry area, keep away from strong, direct sunlight.
Shelf lifeTwo years when properly stored.
DeliveryWithin 2 days after payment.

Test Report:

ItemsStandardAnalysis results
CharactersWhite powder, soluble in waterComplies
DifferentiatePositive reactionPositive reaction
Partical sizeMore than 95% through 3# mesh screenComplies
Loss on drying≤13%9.2%
Heavy metal≤0.002%Complies
Content90.0%-110.0% of label C28H44O content101.5%
ItemsStandardAnalysis results
CharactersWhite crystalline powderComplies
Melting range112.0~117.0℃112.4~114.0℃
Specific optical rotation+103.0~+107.0°+103.5°
Light absorption450~500465
SolubilityFreely soluble in alcoholComplies
Reducing substances≤20PPMComplies
Assay,%(By HPLC) 40 MIU/G97.0%~103.0%99.5%


1) Vitamin D2 is used to prevent vitamin D deficiency and treatment, such as: vegan, parenteral nutrition patients with pancreatic insufficiency malabsorption syndromes, liver and gallbladder disease (liver damage, cirrhosis, obstructive jaundice), intestinal disease (fatty diarrhea, Crohn's disease, chronic diarrhea), stomach resection.

2) Vitamin D2 is used for the treatment of chronic hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, rickets associated with chronic renal insufficiency and osteomalacia, familial hypophosphatemia and hypoparathyroidism (surgery, idiopathic or pseudo-hypoparathyroidism)

3) Vitamin D2 is used to treat acute and chronic and post-operative tetany potential disease and idiopathic tetany disease.

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