Manufacturer Supply Best Quality Lysine Acetate Nutritional Supplement

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Manufacturer Supply Best Quality Lysine Acetate

Manufacturer Supply Best Quality Lysine Acetate

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Manufacturer Supply Best Quality Lysine Acetate Nutritional Supplement

What is the  L-Leucine?

L-Leucine as a white shiny hexahedral crystals or white crystalline powder. L-Leucine slightly bitter taste. Sublimation at 145 ~ 148 ℃. Melting point 293 ~ 295 ℃ (decomposition). L-Leucine in the presence of hydrocarbons, inorganic acid in aqueous solution and stable performance. Per gram of L-Leucine dissolved in 40ml water and about 100ml acetic acid. Slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid and alkali hydroxide and carbonate solution. L-Leucine is not soluble in ether.

L-Leucine is an essential amino acid, the body can not synthesize, L-Leucine natural materials found in the spleen, heart, etc., and form of the protein present in a variety of plant and animal tissues, free of corruption out of L-Leucine can be decomposed . This means that the L-Leucine must be obtained through diet or supplements. Containing L-Leucine food including eggs, fish, chicken, lentils, almonds and cashews, and so on. L-Leucine used as nutritional supplements, food additives, generally L-Leucine used for bread, noodle products. E641 amino acid infusion and the preparation of comprehensive amino acid preparations, hypoglycemic agents, plant growth promoters. L-Leucine can be used as spices, improve food flavor.


Specific rotation[a]D020+8.5º~+10.0º+8.5°~+10.0°
Transmittance(T430)clear & colorless ≥98.0%clear & colorless ≥98.0%
Heavy metals(Pb)≤10ppm≤10ppm≤15ppm
Other amino acids≤0.2%
Loss on drying≤0.50%≤0.20%≤0.20%
Residue on ignition≤0.10%≤0.10%≤0.40%
Organic volatile impuritiesconforms


1.Lysine Acetate is an essential amino acid found in corns and legumes.

2. Lysine Acetate plays an important role in protein metabolism and is vital for growth of infants.

3.Lysine Acetate may also promote muscle growth during recovery after prolonged exercise or after hard training sessions.

4.Lysine Acetate is one of the branch-chained amino acids, which can be used by muscles as an energy source.


Lysine acetate can be used for pharmaceutical ingredient, food additives, sports nutrient, cosmetic materials, etc.

L-Lysine acetate is nutritional supplement, Amino acids. Mainly used for amino acid infusion, due to special wettability, also used in cold cream, cosmetics.   L-Ornithine L-Asparate constitute the human body of several kinds of essential amino acid of protein a, for the construction of protein has a very important role.

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