Competitive Price Food Additive -Rice protein

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Competitive Price Food Additive -Rice protein

Competitive Price Food Additive -Rice protein

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Competitive Price Food Additive -Rice protein

Rice protein concentrate food grade/Organic rice protein powder

AppearanceYellow powder, no visible impurities without agglomeration.
Moisture ≤11%
Protein  ≥58.0%
Sulphated  Ash  ≤4.5%
Crude Fibre≤2.0%
Lysine    ≥1.8%

Descriptions :
Rice bran protein extracted during the rice starch and the rice syrup production, obtained by wet

milling, sieving, separation, concentration and drying.The process is executed in the best hygienic

conditions without using irradiation and respecting Good Manufacturing Practice.The product has

to be free of foreign odours and flavours and noticeable mould growth and insect infestation. The

deliveries shall be executed in the best conditions to preserve the high quality.

Main Function:

1.Excellent control of heavy metal and micro


3.Ease of digestibility

4.Completely natural protein among all cereal grains

5.Well-balanced amino acid profile

6.Gluten and lactose-free

7.High biological value


1.It is designed commonly for a wide variety of food applications, which is a standard combination of nutrition, safety and health.

2.It is designed especially for baby and the aged, which is the ideal combination of nutrition, safety and health.

3.It owns best functions in health foods and nutraceuticals, with unrivaled high level of nutrition, while is also workable in a wide variety of food applications

4.It is designed specifically for a wide range of food applications with economical concerns, which is a standard combination of nutrition, safety and cost savings.


Protein content (N * 6.25)NLT 80%/ds
Physical Analysis
Foreign materialabsent
Colorlight brown or beige
Odor and flavorneutral
Appearancefine powder
Moisture contentNMT 8%
Ash contentNMT 5%/ds
Average particle500~600 mesh
Bulk density0.35~0.40 g/cm3
Heavy metals
LeadNMT 0.5 mg/kg
MercuryNMT 0.15 mg/kg
ArsenicNMT 0.1 mg/kg
CadmiumNMT 1 mg/kg
Microbiological Analysis
Total countNMT 10000 cfu/g
ColiformsNMT 90 MPN/g
Yeasts and moldsNMT 100 cfu/g
Salmonellaabsent cfu/25g
Shigellaabsent cfu/25g
Staphylococcus aureusabsent cfu/25g
MelamineNMT 0.25 mg/kg
Aflatoxin B1NMT 5μg/kg


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