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Bột củ sắn dây chiết xuất Puerariae

Bột củ sắn dây chiết xuất Puerariae


Background of Pueraria Extract Kudzu Root Powder

Pueraria Extract, firstly published in the Shennong Ben Cao Jing, is classified as a Zhongpin, sweet taste, flat, main Xiaoke, body heat, vomiting, Zhu Bi, Qi, Yin, and detoxification are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) for expelling wind and antipyretic, with antipyretic, antipyretic, antipyretic and antidiarrheal effects, it is mainly used to treat fever, excessive heat, body heat and thirst, diarrhea, back and neck pain and measles.

Not only can Pueraria be used alone, but many formulas containing Pueraria lobata extract are also widely used in clinical practice. This article will explain the pharmacological effects of Pueraria extract in traditional medicine, clinical application of Pueraria Lobata extract and common prescriptions.

The main ingredient of Pueraria extract

The main plant sources of Pueraria extract are the dried roots of Pueraria Lobata Willd Ohwi or Pueraria Thomsonii Bentn, which are commonly known as “Pueraria Lobata” . Its ingredients are isoflavonoids, tripenoids, coumarins, etc. , while the flavonoid account for 12% , mainly Puerarin , Daidzin and Daidzein , will be described below.



2. Tripenoids

soyasapogenol A;B、kudzusapogenol A;C;B、methyl ester,β-sitosterol、daucosterol



4. Others

Allantoin、5 - methylhydrantoin

tuberosin、choline chloride、acetylcholine

Chloride, behenic acid, a mixture of carnaubic acid, glycerol 1-monoteracosanoate, amino acids, starch, arachidic acid, micronutrient, and Mo etc...

According to the 2015 edition of the latest Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Radix Puerariae is the dried root of the leguminous plant, Radix Puerariae. PUERARIA Lobata Willd.ohwi Pueraria Montana is the dried root of the leguminous plant Pueraria Lobata, and Pueraria Mirifica is called Pueraria Lobata, or Medicinal Kudzu.

Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Chinese Pharmacopoeia


Main chemical composition, structure and properties

Radix puerariae contains 12% flavonoid

1. Daidzin : ISOFLAVONE glycoside, Daidzin. Needle Crystal, MP. 215 °C 217 °C (decomposition) , non-fluorescent, easily soluble in ethanol.

2. DAIDZEIN: ISOFLAVONE, Daidzein, Daidzein. Molecular Formula C5H10O4, molecular weight 254.23 Pale yellow prism crystallization (dilute ethanol) , decomposition point 315 °C ~ 316 °c soluble in ethanol and ether.

3. PUERARIN: the Synonym Pueraria Montana Yellow Element Formula C21H20O, molecular weight 416.37. White needle-like crystals (methanol acetic acid) , MP. 187 ° (decomposition).

chemical composition

chemical composition


Benefits of Pueraria extract Kudzu Root Powder

Pharmacological action

1.Effect on smooth muscle

(1) Effect on smooth muscle

The extract of Pueraria contains the components of contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle, the extract of Pueraria and the total flavones can inhibit the contraction of isolated rat ileum induced by acetylcholine (Ach) and PGF2 α, and have obvious relaxation effect on normal rats, daidzin and Daidzein are the main components of smooth muscle relaxation, and Daidzin is the main component of Pueraria extract for Spasmolysis, while the contractile component may be non-flavonoid.

2.Impact on cardiovascular system

(2) Effects on blood pressure and heart rate

Pueraria extract has a certain antihypertensive effect on normal and hypertensive animals, intravenous Administration of Pueraria extract, total flavone, Pueraria Montana extract and its fat-soluble part PA and water-soluble part PM can reduce blood pressure of normal anesthetized dogs, oral Pueraria extract water decoction or wine extract or total flavonoids and Pueraria extract on dogs with hypertension also have a certain hypotensive effect.

PM2 causes an increase in blood pressure in normal dogs, suggesting that Pueraria’s extract contains not only antihypertensive substances, but also substances 6,7 that raise blood pressure. 2. Pueraria extract flavone and Pueraria extract made the heart rate of normal and myocardial ischemia dogs significantly decreased 6,7.

(3) Beta blocker

Pueraria extract has a broad and significant blocking effect on β receptor, and its effect on Β1 receptor is stronger than that on Β2 receptor, while Pueraria extract has a stronger blocking effect on Β1 receptor.The maximal binding capacity of β receptor in rat myocardial membrane preparation was significantly reduced, and the activation of Adenylate cyclase (AC) was completely inhibited by Epinephrine, which suggested that Pueraria extract was a receptor antagonist.

(4) Impact on blood flow

Pueraria Montana extract can obviously improve the microcirculation of normal golden hamster brain, and can obviously improve the disturbance of microcirculation caused by local (-)-noradrenaline.

Total flavone of Pueraria Montana extract has a more obvious effect on cerebral vasodilation than coronary vasodilation, and can mildly improve cerebral circulation and peripheral circulation.

Pueraria Montana extract, wine extract, total flavonoids, Puerarin and Daidzein all improved acute myocardial ischemia in rats.

(5) Effects on cardiac function and myocardial metabolism

Total flavonoids from Pueraria Montana extract and Pueraria Montana extract can reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and increase coronary artery oxygen supply, clinical use of Angina has a certain effect.

Total flavone of Pueraria Montana extract can improve the metabolism of normal and ISCHEMIC myocardium.

(6) Effects on blood catecholamine

Pueraria Montana extract can relieve headache in patients with hypertension and reduce the level of plasma catecholamine in patients with Angina Pectoris, which is related to the reduction of lactic acid production in myocardial ischemia.

(7) Effects on Arrhythmia

Pueraria Montana extract, Daidzin and Pueraria Montana extract could significantly prevent aconitine and Barium chloride (Bacl2)-induced Arrhythmia.

3. Effects on memory

(8) Effects on memory Pueraria's alcohol extract and total flavones fight scopolamine memory impairment and 40% ethanol induced memory aplasia, in addition, the ethanol extract of Pueraria Lobata can also resist the inhibition of operant conditioning induced by scopolamine.

4. Others

(9) Lowering blood sugar

Oral Administration of Pueraria extract has a slight hypoglycemic effect.

(10) Lowering blood lipid

Pueraria extract isoflavones have the effect of lowering blood lipid, Daidzin and formononetin can lower serum cholesterol, Genistein can lower triglyceride, daidzin has the effect of lowering blood lipid.

(11) Anti-cancer

The effective component of Pueraria extract, s 86019, showed a time-and concentration-dependent inhibitory effect on the proliferation of Human Acute promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells at concentrations of 14-22 μg/mL.

(12) Hangover Cure

Pueraria extract has a certain antialcoholism effect, has a significant impact on blood alcohol concentration and blood viscosity caused by ethanol, because alcohol can promote the formation of free radicals and Lipid Peroxidation, resulting in increased red blood cell aggregation, blood viscosity increased, and Pueraria extract has a strong anti free radical effect.

(13) Anti-hypoxia

Daidzein, an extract of Radix Puerariae, was given orally to mice at a dose of 1.5 g/kg Solid dispersion, which had obvious anti hypoxia effect.

(14) Protecting the liver

The inhibitory rate of isoflavone extracted from Pueraria  on GOT and GPT was 50.7% and 73% , respectively, respectively, when the concentration of isoflavone was 250 mg/kg. The inhibitory rate of isoflavone extracted from Pueraria on GOT was 50.7% and 73% respectively.

(15) Anti-diarrhea

In the experiment of gastric emptying and small intestine propulsion, the antidiarrheal effect of Pueraria Montana extract was studied in combination with the antidiarrheal effect of mice.There was significant difference between the high and middle dose groups of Pueraria Montana extract and the Control Group (p < 0.01) .

In the experiment of antidiarrheal action in mice, there was significant difference between the high and middle dose groups of Pueraria Montana extract and the Control Group (p < 0.01) .


(16) Effects on hypertension

Pueraria extract, wine extract, total flavone, Daidzein and have obvious curative effect on hypertension induced headache, dizziness, nape strength and Tinnitus, especially headache and nape strength 7.

(17) Effect on Angina Pectoris

Taking the extract of Radix Puerariae and Daidzein orally can relieve Angina pectoris.

(18) Impact on sudden deafness

The effective rate was 75% for the patients with early sudden deafness by taking orally the extract of radix puerariae wine extract tablets. It was also observed that the effect of Pueraria extract in the treatment of early sudden deafness may be related to the improvement of blood circulation in the inner ear or vertebrobasilar system.

(19) Effects on migraine

Pueraria extract has a good short-term effect on Migraine, and points out that the effect of Pueraria extract on Migraine may be related to the improvement of cerebral circulation and the regulation of cerebral vascular responses to pressor and antihypertensive substances.


Because of its active Ingredient Daidzin, the extract of Radix Puerariae has become a widely used traditional Chinese medicine, which has obvious curative effect on headache and dizziness caused by hypertension, and can also reduce the demand of myocardium for oxygen, thus alleviating Angina Pectoris, and as a spasmolytic agent; and other pharmacological effects, more or less in the ancient records, through modern research indeed found that Pueraria Montana extract has antidiarrheal, hypoglycemic, antipyretic, antialcoholic effects.

According to the modern pharmacological research, Pueraria Montana extract soup can also be used in internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, the elderly and dermatology, and many other diseases. Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang used in cold and other exogenous wind-cold. CIMICIFUGA Pueraria Montana extract decoction for diarrhea, Acute Shigellosis, such as pathogenic depression muscle table, lung and stomach heat, and tonsillitis, skin diseases, eye diseases are effective. Pueraria Montana extract, Huangqin Huanglian decoction and Shensuyin are also widely used in clinical practice.

Pueraria Montana also has whitening and anti-inflammatory effect Pueraria Lobata ROOT EXTRACT beauty cream active ingredients skin conditioner Pueraria Lobata ROOT EXTRACT, Pueraria Lobata EXTRACT has the effect of scavenging free radicals, whitening and anti-inflammation.

The activation of Cathepsin showed that it could enhance the metabolism of skin cells, together with its effect of scavenging oxygen free radicals and proliferation of epidermal fiber bud cells, so it had anti-aging effect; Pueraria Montana extract could inhibit the activation of NF-KB, its activation is a sign of inflammation, and its suppression suggests that Pueraria Montana’s extract has anti inflammatory effects on the skin; it causes the breasts to gradually swell, strengthens the breasts and makes them firmer, improving the shape of the breasts.