Spinach extract powder Dehydrated spinach powder

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English Name: Dehydrated spinach powder

Active ingredients: Pure juice powder

Sự chỉ rõ: Pure juine powder

Use Part:Leaf

Ngoại hình:Green fine powder

Extract Method:Water/Ethanol

Test Method:HPLC/UV

Description of Dehydrated spinach powder

Spinach is a good source of Vitamin K, which aids in the formation of the blood substance required for clotting of blood.Spinach and alfalfa help stabilize blood sugar among diabetics. Make a drink by getting several handful of spinach, add 3 cups of water. Place over low heat for one hour. Then strain. Take ½ cup twice a day. Spinach and alfalfa may be served as part of the meal.

Function of Dehydrated spinach powder

Cure astriction and prevent saint fiacre's disease. Spinach contains plenty of vegetable fiber.

The powder can promote intestinal tract peristalsis and good to defecation;

It also can promote pancreas to excrete to help digest and always used to cure saint fiacre's disease, chronic pancreatitis, astriction and anal cleft etc.

Promote growing development and enhance disease resistance. The carotene can become to be vitamin A in the body and maintain the health of the eyes and epithelium.

Guarantee nourishments to improve body health. It contains lots of nourishments such as carotene, vitamin C & E calcium, phosphor, coenzyme Q10 etc. The Fe contained by spinach can help to cure Fe-lack anaemia.

Promote metabolism and anti-aging, Skin cleaning and anti-aging.

Application of Dehydrated spinach powder

Medical and healthy care product,Healthy nutrition.

Infantal food,solid beverage,diary,instant food,puffed food.

Flavouring,Middle-aged and old food,baked food,snack food,cool food and drink.

1Ngoại hìnhĐặc tínhTuân thủ
2Color ShadeĐặc tínhTuân thủ
3ConsistencyFree Flowing PowderTuân thủ
4Kích thước hạtPassing through 450 micron sieveTuân thủ
5Taste and OdourĐặc tínhTuân thủ
6Bulk density gm/ml0.05-0.070.62
7AcidityMax 1.5%0.64%
8Total Sugar as invert sugarMax 50%35.00%
9Moisture (ODB)4.0-5.0%4.21%
10PH (1% Solution)5.5-6.56.24
11Total AshMax 3.0%1.85%
12Solubility90% to 95% soluble in water. Slight CloudyTuân thủ
13Tổng số mảngLess than 10000 per gm3300 per gm
14Yeast & MouldLess than 8 per gm1 per gm
15Salmonella/25gAbsent in 25gAbsent
16ColiformsAbsent in 1gAbsent
18Shelf Life18 Months adhering to Storage ConditionsTuân thủ
19Storage ConditionStore in cool place. Avoid freezing and direct sunlightTuân thủ