Nomame Semaherb Extract Cassia nomame Sieb. Kitagawa Flavanols for weight loss food additives and health care wholesale in factory price

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Chiết xuất Nomame Semaherb

Nomame Semaherb Extract Cassia nomame(Sieb.)Kitagawa Flavanols

Nomame Semaherb Extract

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Item name: Nomame Semaherb P.E.

Latin name: Cassia nomame(Sieb.)Kitagawa

Source: Leaf

Main Ingredients : Flavanols

Sự chỉ rõ: 8%-10% Flavanol , 10:1

Test: UV

Descriptions of Cassia Nomame Extract:

Nomame Semaherb P.E has effect on clearing liver and improving vision, the effect of water used for jaundice, folk, diuresis, heart and eyes, etc. Research shows that the more water plants, Cassia nomame extract of intestines and stomach phenols has obvious inhibition of lipase, can effectively prevent fatty substance in the digestive tract of decomposition, which can not be broken down and be directly eduction body outside, to reduce weight, fall hematic fat action.

Cassia nomame extract main contains flavanol, is a natural lipase inhibitor, which inhibits the lipase enzyme that breaks down fat for absorption. With this enzyme "blocked" from doing its job, fat passes through the body unabsorbed. Cassia nomame extract also acts as a natural diuretic providing thermogenesis action to stimulate the burning of fat cells within the body.

Cassia nomame extract flavanol binds to alpha2 receptors (which are most abundant in the thighs and buttocks), "drawing out" the fatty acids from the individual fat cell. Cassia nomame extract dramatically mobilizes stored fat lipids for thermo genesis in preference to carbohydrates. Cassia nomame extract has also been proven to safely increase hormonal thyroid output without interrupting the body's natural production of thyroid hormone. Cassia nomame extract flavanols actually inhibits the release of targeted enzymes that control fat storage while also stimulating cellular energy, effectively causing the individual fat cells to burn fatty acids.


1.Maintaining the blood vessels healthy and normal blood pressure;
2. Reducing the adhesion of blood platelets and maintaining healthy blood flow;
3. Flavanols can also serve as an antioxidants to maintain a healthy heart;
4. Flavanone is also a natural lipase inhibitor.

Ứng dụng

Applied in food field, nomame semaherb extract can be added into food to prevent obesity;

Applied in health product field, nomame semaherb extract is also made into capsules to protect heart.