Giá xuất xưởng Kết hợp Bột chiết xuất rễ Spicebush

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Giá xuất xưởng Kết hợp Bột chiết xuất rễ Spicebush

Giá xuất xưởng Kết hợp Bột chiết xuất rễ Spicebush

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Giá xuất xưởng Kết hợp Bột chiết xuất rễ Spicebush

Tên sản phẩm: Combined Spicebush Root Extract

Latin Name: Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.

Plant source: The Root of Lindera aggregata (Sims) Kosterm.

Ngoại hình: Brown Yellow powder

Ratio Extract: 4:1,5:1,10:1,20:1

Mesh:100% pass 80 Mesh

Extract Method: Grain Alcohol / Water

Giới thiệu:

The herb is pungent in flavour, and warm in nature. It acts on the lung, spleen kidney and urinary bladder channels. Pungent for dispersing, warm for clearing and aromatic for moving around, it is good at promoting circulation of Qi in the upper, middle and lower-jiao to disperse cold and alleviate pain. The herb is often used to treat cold accumulation, Qi stagnation, distending pain in the chest and abdomen, cold of insufficiency type in the lower abdomen, frequent urination the other syndromes.


1.The constituents of volatile oil from excited role: take orally, have excited the role of the cerebral cortex, and to promote the breathing, excited myocardial, accelerate the blood circulation, increase blood pressure and sweating role. Local external use so that local vessels to dilate and accelerate blood circulation and ease muscle convulsion sex pain.

2.The bacteriostatic action: staphylococcus aureus, alpha hemolytic streptococcus, typhoid bacillus, proteus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, e. coli has inhibitory effect.

3.The influence of the digestive tract, reports the medicine of gastrointestinal smooth muscle has a dual role, in addition, the medicine can increase the secretion of digestive juices.

4.Hemostatic effect: in vitro experiments prove that the medicine powder can obviously reduce rabbit again plasma calcium time, promote blood clots and good hemostatic effect.

5.Other effects: use the medicine long-term hello rats, can make the weight gain, and of mice sarcoma-180 have the inhibition. It can be sweating, excited, isoborneol spasm town, insecticide etc.

Chứng nhận phân tích:

Ngoại hìnhbrown powderTuân thủ
MùiĐặc tínhTuân thủ
Sự chỉ rõ10:1Tuân thủ
Sieve analysis100% pass 80 meshTuân thủ
Loss on Drying

Residue on Ignition



Tuân thủ

Tuân thủ

Heavy Metal<10ppmTuân thủ
Như≤1ppmTuân thủ
Residual SolventsEP2000Tuân thủ
Residual PesticidePhủ địnhTuân thủ
Vi trùng học
Total Plate Count<1000cfu / gTuân thủ
Yeast & Mold<100cfu / gTuân thủ
E coliPhủ địnhTuân thủ
SalmonellaPhủ địnhTuân thủ