Factory Moringa leaf powder buyers with best price

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Factory Moringa leaf powder buyers with best price

Factory Moringa leaf powder buyers with best price

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Factory Moringa leaf powder buyers with best price

English name: Moringa Extract

Sự chỉ rõ: 4:1,10:1,20:1

Use Part: leaf

Ngoại hình: brown yellow powder

Mesh size: 80 Mesh

Test Method: TLC

Giới thiệu:

Moringa Oleifera, commonly known as Moringa is the most nutritious tree found on the earth. Moringa is considered as the power house of Nutrients because the Moringa leaves contain more than 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants. Moringa tree grows in tropical conditions and this tree is native to Indian and Africa.

Moringa tree thrives in dry conditions with very little amount of water. In African language Moringa tree is known as never die tree. This is because of its ability to survive in acute dry conditions.

Moringa Leaves are the most nutritious part of the Moringa tree and are widely used in salads, curries and chutneys in India. Nowadays Moringa is getting popular world wide as a nutrition supplements because of its very high contents of vitamins and minerals.

Hàm số: 

1.It inhibits the growth of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

2. In high concentration it inhibits the growth of fungus.

3. It acts as potent antitubercular and used to cure liver diseases.

4. It stimulates the sympathetic nerve endings.

5. It accerlates the heart beats and constritic the blood vessels.

6. It inhibits the tone and movements of involuntary movements of the gastrointestinal tract.


1. As an important active ingredient in pharmaceutical, for instance, it acts as potent anti- tuberculosis and used to cure liver diseases; it also stimulates the sympathetic nerve endings and accelerates the heart beats and constricts the blood vessels.

2. In cosmetic industry, the moringa oil is used for various skin and hair care needs.

3. As a natural nutritional supplements, helping to lose weight.

Chứng nhận phân tích: 

Product  NameMoringa Powder
Plant  PartMoringa leaf
Batch  NumberJT141108
Manufacture Date2014-11-08
Testing Date2014-11-09
AnalysisSự chỉ rõKết quả
Ngoại hìnhFine PowderTuân thủ
ColorLight GreenTuân thủ
MùiĐặc tínhTuân thủ
Particle size100% through 80 meshTuân thủ
Total of bacteria≤10000cfu/gTuân thủ
Fungi≤1000cfu / gTuân thủ
SalmgosellaPhủ địnhTuân thủ
ColiPhủ địnhTuân thủ