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In this article, we will talk about how the Matrine Sophora root extract used in 3 major fields which are animals diseases, cosmetics and agricultures.



Product Name: Radix sophorae Flavescentis extract/matrine/radix sophorae Flavescentis extract/radix sophorae flavescentis extract

Sophora root extract

[ product source ] this product is the total alkaloid extracted from the dried roots of Sophora flavescens.

[ active ingredients ] contains alkaloids such as Matrine, oxymatrine, hydroxymatrine, sophocarpine (dehydromatrine) , cytisine and other alkaloids, as well as matrine and flavonoid.

[ method ] HPLC

Product Properties: paste, powder

[ Specification ] matrine 5% -- 98% (5%-20% liquid)

[ Smell ]  Peculiar smell

[ Solubility ] this product in ethanol, chloroform, toluene, benzene is extremely soluble, dissolved in water, in hot water, petroleum ether slightly soluble.

[ PH ]9.5ー10.5

[ Functions and uses ] botanical insecticide raw materials, aquaculture, veterinary drug raw materials. Gynecological suppository, Gynecological Lotion, daily disinfectant, tablets and so on.

Shelf life keep in a cool, dry, dark place for 24 months.

[ product packaging ] according to customer requirements or internal double plastic bags, external aluminum foil bags, 1 kg/bag or cardboard drum (25 kg/barrel)

1.Application of matrine in prevention and treatment of animal diseases

(1) Insect resistance

Zoonosis is one of the most common problems in animal husbandry, which affects the sustainable and healthy development of animal husbandry. In recent years, it was found that matrine had excellent insect-resistant effect. Matrine also has better safety in anti-insect aspect. It has no toxicity and side effect to animal body when it is used as surface insecticide.

Insect resistance

Insect resistance


(2) health care promotes growth

The alkaloid substances in many herbs have the effect of strengthening immunity and enhancing defense barrier. Sophora flavescens ait contains matrine, which can inhibit many bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Its bitter taste can strengthen stomach and increase appetite.

(3) Antibacterial activity

(4) Poultry

At present, chicken colibacillosis, as a serious bacterial infectious disease, causes rapid morbidity and massive death in chickens, which is harmful to poultry. Matrine in the prevention and treatment of bacterial infectious diseases has received a good effect.

The data showed that the extract of Sophora flavescens had obvious bacteriostatic effect on E. Coli, pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus, and had obvious bacteriostatic effect on Gram-negative, Escherichia coli, enterobacteriaceae, etc. ,

The main component in the crude extract of Sophora flavescens AIT is matrine. Matrine can inhibit the synthesis or gene expression of chicken E. coli protein, but also can bind to the protein in the body to make it disintegrate, and this effect is sustained. From the above research, we can see that matrine is a relatively safe and effective antibacterial drug. It has a good experimental basis and can be widely used.

Feed prohibition will also be implemented in China in 2020.

Method of use: As early as in the pig feed in all stages, feed in the factory before the formula has been added to a certain amount of antibiotics. After the 2020 anti-ban, in order to prevent and control disease, farmers can add their own, but to pay attention to the dosage.

(5) Pigs

The additive, which is composed of matrine and other extracts of Chinese herbal medicine, can effectively prevent suckling piglets from yellow and white dysentery, significantly reduce the mortality of piglets, and improve the breeding rate and litter weight of piglets.

(6) Antiviral action

Matrine can alleviate cell degeneration and necrosis caused by virus, and promote cell regeneration and repair. Matrine has the unique advantage of multi-pathway, multi-link, and can improve the adverse reaction and symptom caused by virus. It can improve the immunity of poultry and livestock.

2. Application of matrine in cosmetics

Cosmetic efficacy: for the treatment of ECZEMA and dermatitis, with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect; to promote the production of Collagen, fibroblast proliferation also has a role in promoting, can be used as skin anti-aging; at the same time, with moisturizing effect.

Application products: anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, skin conditioners

3. Application of mateine in agriculture 

Matrine is extracted from the roots, stems and leaves of the Chinese herb Sophora flavescens by ethanol and other organic solvents. It is an alkaloid, usually a total alkaloid, and its main components are matrine, oxymatrine, sophocarpine, oxysophocarpine, sophocarpine and so on, the contents of matrine and oxymatrine were the highest.

MATRINE is a natural plant pesticide. Once a pest touches the drug, it paralyzes the central nervous system, which then coagulates the protein of the insect body, blocks the stomata of the insect body, and causes the insect to suffocate and die, has the stomach poison and the contact killing effect.

In line with the direction of sustainable agricultural development, the present domestic matrine preparations include 0.3% matrine aqueous solution, 0.8% matrine lactone aqueous solution, 1% matrine solution, 1.1% matrine solution, 1.1% matrine powder, etc. , these botanical pesticides have been used to control some pests in vegetables, fruit trees, tea, tobacco and other crops.

It has ideal control effect on vegetable piercing sucking mouthparts insects such as aphids, lepidoptera insects such as Pieris Rapae, tea caterpillars, Plutella Xylostella, tea leafhopper and whitefly. In addition to the vegetable downy mildew, Phytophthora infestans, anthrax also has a very good control effect. It’s worth looking at development.

Major pest control

1. All kinds of forest leaf-eating insects, such as pine caterpillars, poplars and American white moths, were sprayed with 1% matrine soluble solution 1000-1500 times during the larval stage of 2-3 instars.

2. Leaf-eating insect pests of fruit trees such as Tea Caterpillar, Chinese Jujube Butterfly and Golden Striate Moth were sprayed with 800-1200 times solution of 1% matrine.

3. ARTOGEIA RAPAE: About 7 days after the peak of Oviposition of the adult, when the larva is in 2-3 instar, it is treated with 0.3% matrine solution 500-700 per mu

Milliliters, 40-50 kilograms of water for spray. This product has good effect on the young larvae and poor sensitivity to the 4th-5th instar larvae.

Matters needing attention, it is strictly forbidden to mix with alkaline drugs, this product is not quick-acting, so we should do a good job in forecasting insect situation and applying drugs to control insect pests in the early age.