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Supply Bulk Powder food Additives Sweeteners licorice

Supply Bulk Powder food Additives Sweeteners licorice

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Supply Bulk Powder food Additives Sweeteners licorice root extract glycyrrhizin

Product Name:Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid
Appearance:White Fine Powder
Product Specification:5%,40%,90%,98%
Part Used:Whole Plant
Test Method:HPLC/UV
Other Name:Glycyrrhizin

The dipotassium glycyrrhizinate has the efficacy on removing inflammation, anti-oxidation, and bacteriostasis, wound refresher. The dipotassium is effectively on relieving super oxygen and inhibit hydroxyl free radical. The dipotassium glycyrrhizinate usually used with other surface active agents together, it will help skin absorb them quickly and effective on sun protection, whitening, relieve itching and moisturizing.


1.Has the functions of adrenocortical hormones.

2. Has the functions of resisting ulcer, inflammation and allergy.

3. Detoxify, antibiotic, obviously suppress HIV appreciation to strengthen the immunity.

4. Resist brain diseases caused by blood deficiency, preventing artery sclerosis from occurring anddevelopment.

5. It is chiefly applied to pharmaceuticals industry as the material of eyedrop and officinal toothpaste.

6. It has the efficacy in Anti-inflammatory, antianaphylaxis and moist boost.

7. It is active against conjunctivitis, keratitis, stomatitis and periodontitis.

8. used for skin refresher lotion and facial cream in cosmetic industry.

9. Sweetening agent, antistaling agent and flavouring agent for sports drinks in food industry.

10. It is efficacious in the treatment of syndromes due to deficiency of qi in the spleen and stomach and cough with dyspnea.

11. It is prescribed to treat insufficiency of blood and deficiency of qi, manifested as spontaneous sweating, palpitation, and knotted and intermittent pulses.

12. It is applied in the treatment of stomachache, abdominal pain and spasm and pain and spasm and pain of muscles.

13. It is often used to treat phylogenic infections, eg, carbuncles. Deep-rooted carbuncles. Furuncles. Multiple abscesses, scrofula, ulcer, sore throat etc, it is also efficacious in the treatment of pesticides poisoning and food poisoning.

14. In a prescription, many medicinal matters are mixed together; radix glycyrrhizae has the function of reducing or relieving deviation or toxicity of other medicinal matters in a prescription.


1.As a sweetener, licorice exatrct is used in food industry.

2. As as raw materials of drugs for clearing heat and detoxicating, licorice extract is used in medicine field.

3. As product for benefiting stomach, licorice extract is widely used in health industry.

4. Licorice extract applied in cosmetic field, licorice extract is able to nourish and cure the skin.


AssayMonoammonium Glycyrrhizinate50-98%
AppearanceWhite crystalline powderconforms
Particle SizeNLT 100% Through 80 meshconforms
Loss on Drying<2.0%0.47%
Heavy metals
Total Heavy Metals≤10ppmconforms
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gconforms
Total Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/gconforms