Wholesale Supercritical Fluid Extraction Natural Peony Seed Organic Essential Oil

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Supercritical Fluid Extraction Natural Peony Seed Oil

Product name: Peony Seed Organic Oil

Features: Peony seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, vitamin A, E, nicotinic acid, and carotene. It has effects of improving intelligence, anti-aging, enhancing immunity, protecting eyesight, reducing blood fat& blood pressure& blood sugar level, protecting the liver, inhibiting hemorrhagic and thrombotic disease, preventing myocardial infarction, and the occurrence and metastasis of cancer.

Processing method: Supercritical fluid extraction

What is Peony Seed Oil?

Peony seed has abundant unsaturated fatty acid, the fatty acid is up to 91.60%, and its linolenic acid and αlinolenic acid is up to 66.85%, αlinolenic acid is the basics and core of the evolution of human life, and it is the main element in the synthesis of the cell membrane, and it has a decisive effect to human health. αlinolenic acid in peony seed oil is the highest edible oil so far, and αlinolenic acid is the material basis of cytomembrane and biological enzyme, it has the decisive effect in human health. αlinolenic acid is the necessary and lack in food, needed to add necessary nutritions. And it can't be compound in the human body, it has to take in from externals.

If the human body lacks linolenic acid, it can cause immunity function lessening, amnesia, tiredness, hypoplasia, and atherosis, etc.


1.Cooking Oil

Peony seed oil can be used in cold salads and cold dishes. Added into cooked porridge,

soup, and drinks ( such as milk, soy milk ). At the same time as cooking, added after the pot is hot.

2.Cosmetic Use

The peony seed oil has beauty functions like skin care and beauty, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles

and freckle, anti-radiation, and promote regeneration.

3.Health Care Products

Such as a soft capsule. The peony seed oil contains rich alpha-linolenic acid, which can promote blood

circulation, reduce blood lipids, inhibit cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is the preferred health food for the elderly and children.


Peony Seed Oil
Transparence and OdorYellow transparent with peony oil's smell
Color(Lovibond tintometer 25.4mm)Y20.R20
Insoluble impurities(%)0.05 MAX
Refractive Index(20°C)1.466~1.479
Value of acid(mg KOH/g)1.5 MAX
Saponification Value(mgKOH/g)168~195
Peroxide Value(g/100g)0.2 MAX
Moisture and Volatiles0.10 MAX
Cold TestClear after 5.0 hours at 0°C
Iodine Value(g/100g)94~180