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Порошок папайи


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Порошок папайи

Технические характеристики:

Product NamePapaya powder
Appearance FormFine powder
Убыток от высыхания≤13%
Тяжелые металлы≤10PPM
Общее количество тарелок≤1000 КОЕ / г
Дрожжи и плесень≤100cfu/g


Store in cool & dry place; Keep away from strong sunlight and high heat.




Enterprise standard. Cardboard drum or carton, 20kg/cardboard drum(carton)
Shelf life


24 months when properly stored



  1. It can prevent liver cells swelling and promote liver cells repairing;
  2. It has strong function of antibacterial, especially for variety of enterobacteria and Staphylococcus;
  3. it also has obvious inhibitory action towards Diplococcus pneumoniae and mycobacterium tuberculosis;
  4. It can slow cell growth, decrease the phagolysis function of macrophage. At the unaffetct of normal cells,
  5. Papaya extract is used in psoriasis, bleeding piles, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly and counter irritant.
  6. An infusion of the leaves is used for various urinary complaints, gonorrhea, colic, fever, beriberi, dressing for foul wounds etc.
  7. Papaya extract is used to remove skin lesions and improve damaged skin conditions.
  8. Papaya extract is also used in treatments of jellyfish and insect stingsChemical composition:including malic acid, tartaric acid, folic acid, saponins and flavonoids, fresh fruit contains catalase (catalase) seeds contain hydrocyanic acid.

Papaya powder Application:

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry:

1). Medicines that contain papain are resistance to cancer, tumor, lymphatic leukemia, bacteria and parasite, tubercle bacillus, and inflammation; they are good for gall, and they can kill pains and  help with digestion.

2). They are also helpful to treat gynecopathy, glaucoma, and hyperosteogeny, heal wounds from gunshots or knife cuts; identify blood type, and treat insect stings.

  1. Food Industry:

1). Hydrolyze protein from food’s giant molecules into peptide or amino acid through enzymic reaction.

2). Applied for hydrolyzing animal and plant’s protein, making tenderizer, hydrolyzing placenta and soybeans, making cracker swelling agent, noodle stabilizer, beer and beverage clarifier, premium oral medicine, health care products, soy sauce, and wine starter.

3). It can effectively convert protein, greatly improve food’s nutrition value, and lower cost; it is also beneficial for body digestion and absorption.

  1. Beauty and Cosmetic Industry:

1). Add papain into protein and grease included cosmetic products can whiten and smooth skin, lighten freckles and remove grease, accelerate blood circulation, improve skin function, and enhance product quality.

2). It can also be integrated into diet tea and beauty products.

  1. Household Chemical Products

1). Used for feeds additives to explore protein source;

2). It helps with absorption, improves feeds utilization rate, saves cost, and aids animal digestion and growth.

3). It can be added into feeds for pig, cow, sheep, chicken, duck, goose, fish, and shrimp;

4). it can also be mixed into premium compound fertilizer for vegetables and fruit.