Полифенолы высшего качества 4% Экстракт эхинацеи

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Экстракт эхинацеи Полифенолы высшего качества 4% Экстракт эхинацеи

Экстракт эхинацеи Полифенолы высшего качества 4% Экстракт эхинацеи

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Полифенолы высшего качества 4% Экстракт эхинацеи

Наименование товара: Экстракт эхинацеи

Активный компонент: Chicoric acid and Polyphenols

Технические характеристики: 4% Phenolics,1%-4% Chicoric Acid

Появление: Brown powder

Метод испытания: UV, HPLC

Echinacea Extract Powder

Echinacea extract was dried Echinacea whole plant with flowers as raw material, raw material crushing (14 mesh), canning, with 70% ethanol - water as solvent, heated to reflux and extracted three times, each time for 2 hours and combined three extracts, ethanol recovery to extract non-alcoholic degree, the heating was continued evaporation of water and concentrated to a specific gravity d = 1.10-1.15 extract, extract powder using a spray drying tower was spray-dried echinacea, crushed, sieved, mixed packaging products.
However, the main component of chicory acid is the most widely used medicinal plants, generally used for colds, toothache, snake bites and other injuries. Besides application of the United States for many years as the immune system and blood clearance of alternative medicine, especially in the seasons change and cough and cold-prone season.


At first, it's anti-virus, anti-fungal, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory.
Meanwhile,strengthening the immune system to prevent influenza and reduce the risk of colds.
Then adjuvant treatment for arthritis, skin disease or wound healing.
Lastly relieving toothache, burns and so on.


To be  immunomodulatory agents and immunestimulating hormone, people often use in fields of health products and pharmaceutical.
As an immune modulator, also used in the field of cosmetic.
For food additives, often used in food industry.