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Professional manufacturer for Lysozyme

Professional manufacturer for Lysozyme

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Professional manufacturer for Lysozyme

Assurance & top quality lysozym muramidase lysozyme powder

Product Name:Lysozyme
Enzyme activity20000U/mg
Appearance:Off- white to white crystalline powder
Standard  :Enterprise Standard
CAS.No.:12650-88-3/ 9001-63-2


Lysozyme is a special role in microbial cell wall hydrolysis enzyme, also called cell walls dissolve enzyme. Widely distributed in nature, including egg qing dynasty of egg white lysozyme total protein 3.4% - 3.5%, is the typical representative of lysis enzymes, but also to know the clear one of lysozyme.

Application :

1.Lysozyme is a non-toxic, non-toxic protein, but also has some bacteriolysis, it can be used as a natural food preservative. It is now widely used in the preservation of aquatic products, meat products, cakes, sake, wine and beverages; it can also be added to milk powder to emulsify the cow's milk to inhibit the survival of spoilage microorganisms in the intestine, directly or indirectly Bifidobacterium intestinal  proliferation.

2. Lysozyme has many pharmacological effects as a non-specific immune factor existing in normal human body fluids and tissues. It has antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor effects. The indication of lysozyme for medical use is bleeding, hematuria, bloody sputum, Rhinitis and so on.

3. Lysozyme has the function of disrupting the bacterial cell wall structure, and thus the enzyme processes G + bacteria to obtain protoplasts. Therefore, lysozyme is an essential enzyme for genetic engineering and cell engineering in cell engineering.

99%of Lysozyme Powder

Analysis TestSpecificationResult
DescriptionCrystalline powder,odorlessConforms
SolubilityEasily soluble in water, unsoluble in ethanolConforms
PH6.0 ~ 7.56.9
Solution clarity and colorsolution should be clear and colorlessConforms
Related substances5’CMP 0.3%

Simple impurity

Total other impurity




Loss on drying≤ 6.0%1.3%
Heavy metals0.002%Conforms
Bacterial Endotoxins0.3EU/mgConforms
Microbial LimitConformsConforms
Assay(on dried basis)≥ 99.0%99.8%
Conclusion: The results conforms


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