L-Alanine Essential Amino Acid Nutritional Supplement

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L-Alanine Essential Amino Acid Nutritional Supplement

new product L-Alanine

Item NameL-Alanine benzyl ester hydrochloride
CAS NO5557-83-5
ApparenceWhite Powder
PackageAluminum Bag;Drums;Paper Box Outside


L-alanine is used as nutrition supplement and seasoning. It could improve the flavoring taste, enhance the sour of organic acid. And dl-alanine could be used in pickles,drinks and wine.

L-alanine is an important intermediate in synthesis of several pesticides and pharmaceuticals,it ismetabolism medication of medicine microorganism and biochemical amino acid.


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1.It is mainly used as nutritional supplement and flavoring in food processing industry. It can also be used in the medical industry.

2.It has a good freshness and can promote the effects of chemical flavorings;

3.It has a peculiar sweetness and can improve the taste of the artificial sweeteners, improve the sourness of organic acids and the flavor of vinegar;

4.Its sourness may help salt enter vegetables, improve the quality of salted or sauce-pickled vegetables, cut short the pickling duration and improve the flavor;

5.It can be used as a corrector or buffer in the composition of wine or soft beverage, can prevent bubble wine from ageing and can decrease the odor of yeast;

6.Its function of antioxidation can be used in food processing. For instance, it can be used in oils, yolk jam, purified foods, sauce-pickled foods, and bra -pickled foods. It can both protect them from oxidation and improve their flavor;

7.It can be used as a raw material for Vitamin B6 synthesis and material for the research on metabolism of amino acids by medical organisms or on a biochemical basis.


ItemsUSP StandardCompany Quality level
CharacteristicsWhite fine powderWhite fine powder


Loss on drying≤5.0%(vacuum 60°C 4h)≤4.5%




< 0.5%


< 0.4%

Assay3000~19000 NF.U/g


Bacterial≤10000 cfu/g≤8000 cfu/g
E. ColiAbsentAbsent


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