High Quality Wheat Oligopeptide With Good Price

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High Quality Wheat Oligopeptide With Good Price

High Quality Wheat Oligopeptide With Good Price

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High Quality Wheat Oligopeptide With Good Price

Product name:Wheat Oligopeptides Protein 90% Peptides

Active ingredients:wheat peptide

Detection Mothed:Nitrogen determination

Specification:Protein 80%

Appearance:light-yellow fine powder

Wheat peptide is a kins of small molecular polypeptides which comes from the protein extracts from the natural food-wheat protein powder, followed by the process of directional enzyme and specific technology.


(1) it has the effect of inhibiting the rise of cholesterol. Wheat oligopeptides can promote insulin secretion, its functional substance is methionine, which can be used to regulate sugar and improve the symptoms of diabetes. Wheat peptides can inhibit the role of vascular tensioning enzyme and thus have the effect of lowering blood pressure. One of the characteristics of wheat oligopeptides is high glutamine, which can regulate nerve effectively and can be used as a special nutrient in intestinal dysfunction.

(2) ACE has many biological activities, such as inhibition, immunomodulation, antioxidant and so on. It can stimulate lymphocyte proliferation, enhance macrophage phagocytosis, improve the body's ability to resist infection of external pathogens, and reduce the incidence of the body.

(3) wheat oligopeptides are hydrolysates of wheat protein hydrolysates, which can inhibit the activity of angiotensinconverting enzyme and make angiotensinogen unable to turn into angiotensin II, which can increase blood pressure, thereby lowering blood pressure physiologically, but not for normal blood pressure.

(4) antioxidant activity.

(5) regulate immunity.

(6) inhibition of apoptosis.


Functional food, drinks, health care products.

Certificate of analysis

Protein(g/100g)90.00 Min91.00%
Oligopeptides(g/100g)75.00 Min78.00%
Glutamine(g/100g)         25.00 Min45.90%
The proportion of  relative molecular mass less than 1000 protein hydrolysate(g/100g)85.00 Min89.20
AppearanceLight yellow or brown-yellowLight yellow powder
Odor & TasteCharacteristicCharacteristic
Loss on Drying(g/100g)7.00 Max3.40
Loss on Ash(g/100g)7.00 Max0.71
Heavy metals
Arsenic(mg/kg)0.5 MaxComplies
Lead(mg/kg)0.5 MaxComplies
Energy(g/100g)1962 Max1632
Na(mg/100g)588 Max132.18
Total Plate Count(CFU/g)10000cfu/g Max150
Yeasts and Moulds(CFU/g)2510
E. Coli(MPN/100g)4030
Shigella bacteriaNegativeNegative
Staphylococcus aureus(/25g)NegativeNegative
Net Quantity(g)95.5-104.5100.24


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