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Green tea seed oil

Green tea seed oil


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Green tea seed extract Natural 99% Green tea oil

Product Name:100% pure green tea seed oil

Botanical Name: Camellia seed

Plant Part: seed

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Appearance: Clear light yellow liquid with light camellia smell

Green tea seed oil is heart-healthy. It is cholesterol-free and rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and oleic. It is also rich in kinds of Vitamins. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids can help reduce blood pressure and improve heart function. Green tea seed oil may have anti-oxidant properties fighting against diseases and signs of aging. It has been praised as the most superior edible oil so far. 


1.POLYPHENOLS has strong anti-oxidant effects which are 18 times or more than that of Vitamine E. It is honored as "the king of anti-oxidants".Green tea seed oil is among the top oils which consist of the high content of oleic acid. As we know, oleic acid has special effects to reduce blood cholesterol.

2.POLYPHENOLS can reduce blood viscosity and inhibit the formation of atherosclerotic lesions. It is honored as a "scavenger for blood vessels".

3.Japanese Studies show that POLYPHENOLS can effectively prevent radioactive substances, rule out strontium and cobalt of the human body, and known as "Bane of Radiation".

3.Skin Beauty: POLYPHENOLS can remove facial greasy, tighten pores, delay skin aging, and reduce the formation of melanin to protect skin from freckle and senile plaque.

4.Green tea seed oil contains squalene and brass substances which are effective anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory factors.

5.More over, it is rich in vitamin A, B, D, and E, etc. It does not contain any cholesterol, synthetic flavoring, and preservative.


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