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High Quality Pure Black Elderberry Powder Extract Sambucus Williamsii Hance powder

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Extracto en polvo de saúco

Extracto en polvo de saúco


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Product Name: Elderberry Powder Extract

Latin Name: Sambucus williamsii Hance

General Information

Maker CompoundsExtracto en polvo de saúco
AparienciaAmorphous powder
ColorPurple Red
Part UsedFruit
Extract SolventEthanol & Water
Physical Characteristics
Tamaño de partícula98%Through 80 mesh
Pérdida por secado≦5.0%
Ash content≦5.0%
Bulk Density40-60g/100ml
Heavy metals
Total de metales pesados≤10ppm
Pb≤2 ppm
Como≤1 ppm
Hg≤0.5 ppm
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count≤10000cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold≤ 1000 ufc / g
E. coliNegativo

Packing and Storage

Inside is a double-deck plastic bag; Leave in a shady and cool dry place

Expiration Date

2 years when stored properly

What is Elderberry?

Sambucus is a deciduous shrub belonging to the family Lonicera whose fruits are rich in Anthocyanins, flavonoids (such as Quercetin, Rutin), and polyphenols. There are many kinds of elderberry, the most common one is Sambucus Nigra, including leaves, bark, flowers, and berries, which have medicinal value. Most importantly, the elderberry is the research object.

BLACK ELDERBERRY is one of the best herbs for fighting the flu virus and has been used for more than 2,500 years to treat colds, coughs, and colds. Four centuries-old Greek physicians and father of medicine, Hippocrates named Sambucus Nigra the natural medicine chest, meaning nature’s greatest healing plant. Before the invention of antibiotics, elderberry was a popular ingredient in medicine, and in 1918, during the Spanish flu outbreak, many Europeans were forced to use elderberry juice to stay healthy because of drug shortages.

elderberry powder extract

elderberry powder extract


Elderberry powder extract is rich in bioflavonoids, anthocyanins, vitamins and other high antioxidant substances, including complex bioflavonoids such as Cyanidin, Delphinidin, Quercetin, etc., it has been proved to be an effective active ingredient with antiviral and immune-enhancing effects.


  1. Boost Immune System
  2. Relieve Pain
  3. Stimulate Blood Circulation
  4. Anti-inflammatory; Anti-Catarrhal; Antioxidant
  5. Ward off flu infection
  6. Natural Pigments


  • Dietary supplement and cosmetics industries
  • Food and nutraceuticals industry
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical





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