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Green Tea Extract Catechins Natural herb extract

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Green Tea extract Catechins Natural herb extract


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Green Tea extract Catechins,Natural herb extract

Organic matcha green tea powder soluble Brown Yellow to brown powder Green Tea powder Extract polyphenols

ProductExtracto de te verde
Other nameTea polyphenols
AparienciaBrown Yellow to brown powder
CAS NO.989-51-5
Solubility100% water soluble
key wordExtracto de te verde


It comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. For centuries, various herbal teas have been used by practitioners of traditional medicine for their reputed medicinal qualities. In fact, archeological records date the use of the plant as a beverage since at least the tenth century B.C. in China. Today, tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide . Only water is consumed more often that tea. It is estimated that over half of the world's population uses herbal tea for medicinal purposes. While nothing can keep you young forever, theextending properties of Green Tea may effectively delay at least some of the effects of aging .


1: with powerful anti-oxidation, free radicals scavenging up to 98%, better than vitamin C and vitamin E

2: blood sugar lowing, blood pressure lowing

3: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

4: anti-swelling, tight skin, anti-aging

5:improve blood micro-circulation

6:weight loss.


1.Applied in cosmetics field:with effect of anti-wrinkle,anti-Aging, tight skin and anti-swelling.

2.Applied in food field: with powerful anti-oxidation, be used as natural food additive to keep food fresh and with a good flavor.

3.Applied in pharmaceutical field: hypoglycemic medication, hypotensive medication, leukemia curing assist medication.

4.in supplement and nutrition field: weight loss(fat burner), dietary supplement with sports, brain supplement