CBA high quality deer antler velvet extract powder no additive

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CBA high quality deer antler velvet extract powder no additive

CBA high quality deer antler velvet extract powder no additive

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CBA high quality deer antler extract powder no additive

Product nameDeer Antler Extract
Latin nameCornu Cervi Pantotrichum
ApperanceLight yellow powder
OriginShaanxi Province , China
Shelf life24 months
Particle size100% pass 80 mesh


Deer Antler Extract

Deer antler velvet extract is a substance extracted from the cartilage tissue of male deer antlers and used for human nutritional benefits and medicinal purposes. The process of deer antler removal is typically performed under anesthesia, in a humane and safe manner for the animal. Once the antlers are removed, they will regrow in a matter of weeks, as male deer go through a process of renewing antler cartilage on a regular basis. Substances such as minerals, growth hormones, and glucosaminoglycans can be found in the tissue of the deer antler cartilage. Once the tissue is harvested and made into a powder or capsule form, deer antler velvet extract is used for supplements.

Deer antlers contain amino acids, which are essential for many vital functions of the human body. Deer antler also contain prostaglandins, which have anti-inflammatory properties. When made into deer antler velvet extract, this dietary supplement is used to treat various ailments.

Trace minerals and other elements found in deer antler velvet extract include calcium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. Collagen is another element present in the deer antler extract. This protein can help promote healthy skin, nails, and hair.


1.Deer antler velvet have function of inflammation, can enhance sexual functioning for both men and women

2.Deer antler helps osteoporosis and strong antibacterial properties and improved muscle recovery after exercise

3.It has function of arthritis pain relief and improve athletic performance and strength

4.Deer antler velvet improves blood circulation, stimulating the immune system

5.Deer antler velet can provide vitality and anti-ageing properties for seniors


1.Deer antler powder can inflammation;

2.Deer antler  powder can helps osteoporosis;

3.Deer antler  powder can arthritis pain relief;

4.Deer antler  powder can improves blood circulation;

5.Deer antler  powder can strong antibacterial properties;

6.Deer antler  powder can stimulating the immune system;

7.Deer antler  powder  improved muscle recovery after exercise;

8.Deer antler  powder improved athletic performance and strength;

9.Deer antler  powder  improved growth factors including igf-1 & igf-2;

10.Deer antler powder can providing vitality and anti -ageing properties for seniors;

11.Deer antler  powder can enhancing sexual functioning for both men and women.

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