Cottonseed oligosaccharides/oligofaffinose powder

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Cottonseed oligosaccharidesoligofaffinose powder

Cottonseed oligosaccharides oligofaffinose powder

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Cottonseed oligosaccharides/oligofaffinose powder

Product Name: Cottonseed oligosaccharides | oligofaffinose powder

Purity: 98.0% --101.0%

Appearance: White Powder


The cottonseed oligosaccharides are pure natural functional oligosaccharides extracted from plants by means of physical extraction. The main ingredient is raffinose.As it's good stability,Strong hygroscopicity,low-calorie and so many other advantages.It is widely used in Food, Feed, Medicine, Cosmetics field.


1.The establishment of beneficial bacteria as the core of the intestinal environment, balance the human micro-ecology;

2.Significant proliferation of Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria, reduce toxin production;

3.Enhance immunity;

4.Promote digestion, absorption;

5.Prevent constipation

6.Promote calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals absorption;

7.It does not affect the body's blood sugar levels, diabetes can eat;

8.Improve lipid metabolism, lower blood lipids and cholesterol;

9.Low calorie, will not lead to fat;

10.It is a water-soluble dietary fiber, not directly absorbed by the body, have a certain weight loss.


Food field; Feed field; Medicine field; Cosmetics field.

Analysis ItemSpecificationResult
AppearanceWhite crystalline powderComplies
Powder Size95% through 30 meshComplies
Bulk Density0.40-0.70g/cm30.55g/cm3
Loss on Drying15.0±2.0%14.17%
Melting Point78-82°CComplies
Optical Rotation105.5±2.5º105.3º
SolubilityClear and colorlessComplies
Residue on Ignition≤0.1%0.03%
Total Heavy Metals≤10μg/g<5μg/g
Arsenic (As)≤2μg/g0.1μg/g
Cadmium (Cd)≤2μg/g0.1μg/g
Lead (Pb)≤2μg/g0.2μg/g
Mercury (Hg)≤0.5μg/gND
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/g5cfu/g
Molds and Yeasts≤100cfu/g<10cfu/g


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