Competitive Price Food Additive-Xylitol

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Competitive Price Food Additive-Xylitol

Competitive Price Food Additive-Xylitol

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Competitive Price Food Additive-Xylitol

Food Additives Sweetener Xylitol Extract

Product Name:Xylitol
CAS NO:87-99-0
Molecular Formula:C5H12O5
Molecular Weight:152.15
Appearance:White crystalline powder


Xylitol is an organic compound with the formula (CHOH)3(CH2OH)2. This achiral species is one of three isomers of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-pentapentanol. This sugar alcohol is used as a naturally occurring sugar substitute found in the fibres of many fruits and vegetables, including various berries, corn husks, oats, and mushrooms. It can be extracted from corn fibre, birch, raspberries, plums, and corn. Xylitol is roughly as sweet as sucrose with only two-thirds the food energy.


1.Xylitol used for Food Industry: sugar-free chewing gums, sugar-free chocolates, sugar-free              candies, sugar-free cakes, sugar-free drinks and fruit jellies, etc.
2.Xylitol used for Medicine: injections, health drinks, digestive drugs, throat soother, cough syrup,    etc.
3.Xylitol used for Cosmetics: face cream, beauty cream, cleaner, etc.
4.Xylitol used for Hygienic Product: toothpaste, mouth cleansers, etc.


1.Xylitol is anti-cariogenic
2.Xylitol is used for Sweetness
3.xylitol in human body does not involve insulin and will not cause blood glucose levels to rise.
4.Xylitol has a nature of high heat-resistance;
Xylitol is passive to acid and alkali ;
Xylitol will not react on amino phenol and protein.


Analysis contentsAnalysis standard
IdentificationMeets the requirements
AppearanceWhite crystalline
Xylitol assay (dry basis)98.5%-101.0%
Melting point92.0°C~96.0°C
Loss on drying≤0.20%
Reducing sugar≤0.10%
Other polyols≤1.0%
Heavy metals≤5mg/kg
Residue on ignition≤0.10%
Total plate count≤100cfu/g
Pseudomonas aeruginosaAbsence


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