Competitive Price Food Additive Soybean protein

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Competitive Price Food Additive -Soybean protein

Competitive Price Food Additive -Soybean protein

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Competitive Price Food Additive -Soybean protein

Product name:  soybean protein powder
Specification: 90%
Appearance: Light Yellowish powder
Used part:Soy bean


Soybean protein powder comes from soybeans and offers multiple health benefits, some of which are just beginning to be discovered. This column reviews the health benefits of soy products with a special focus on women and children's health. To date, little has been written or researched that is directly related to perinatal health. Thus, the column has a more broad focus so that childbirth educators have a general resource to gain knowledge related to the use of soy-based foods.

Soy protein has many uses and was not originally used as a food product but for paper coatings used as a pigment binder. Today, soy is used in many foods and other products as well.


-meat products: soy protein isolate is added into meat products of higher grade, which not only improves the texture and flavor of meat products, but also improves the protein content and strengthens the vitamins. Because of its strong function, the dosage is between 2~5%, it can play the role of water retention, fat preservation, preventing the separation of meat juice, improving the quality and improving the taste. The protein isolate was injected into the meat loaf of ham, and the meat rate was increased by 20%. Separation of protein for fried fish cake, fish or fish sausage rolls, fish with desirable 20~40%.

-dairy products: soy protein isolate is used instead of milk powder, non milk beverages and various forms of milk products. Nutritionally complete, without cholesterol, is a substitute for milk. Soy protein isolate instead of skim milk powder can be used in the production of ice cream, which can improve the emulsifying properties of ice cream, delay the crystallization of lactose and prevent the "sand lifting" phenomenon.

-products: the production of bread add less than 5% isolated soy protein, can increase the volume of bread, improve skin color and prolong shelf life; protein isolate noodle processing by adding 2~3%, can reduce the breaking rate, improve the yield after the boiled noodles, and noodles, good color, taste and strong flour noodles similar.

-soy protein can also be used in beverage, nutrition food, fermented food and other food industry, increase nutrition to improve food quality, reduce serum cholesterol, prevent the unique role of heart and cerebrovascular disease with.

Physical and chemical indexes:


ColorLight Yellow
Crude Fiber≤1.0%
Particle Size≥90% 100mesh
Bulk Density350-450g/l
Standard Plate Count≤20000/g
Yeast & Moulds≤100/g


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