Competitive Price Food Additive Soybean oligosaccharides(SBOS)

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Competitive Price Food Additive Soybean oligosaccharides(SBOS)

Competitive Price Food Additive Soybean oligosaccharides(SBOS)

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Soybean oligosaccharides(SBOS)

Pure natural plant extracts 80% Soybean oligosaccharides(SBOS) Powder

Product name: Soybean oligosaccharides(SBOS)
Synonyms: Lycoposes
Molecular formula: C24H42O21·4H2O
Molecular weight : 738.64
CAS : 10094-58-3
Assay: Stachyose ≥50% Raffinose ≥14% Verbascose≥16%
Characteristic: Yellow to white powder

Soybean oligosaccharide is soybean soluble carbohydrates contained in the total name, it is a - galactose glycosides, mainly composed of four sugar, raffinose and stachyose Vabascose, etc. Mature soy contains about 10% oligosaccharides. Soybean oligosaccharide is a kind of low sweetness, low calorie sweeteners, the sweetness of sucrose 70%, its heat is 8360 joules per gram, is only part of the sucrose heat 1/2, and non-toxic. Soybean oligosaccharides are mainly distributed in the soybean hypocotyl, its main ingredients for stachyose, raffinose, or raffinose). Stachyose and raffinose belong to both sugars, little in the immature bean, however, with the increasing maturity levels of soybean. But when the soybean sprout, fermentation, or soybean storage temperature below 15 °C, relative humidity below 60%, stachyose, cotton


Soybean oligosaccharides promote the growth of Bifidobacteria in the intestinal tract.It can increase the growth of Bifidobacterium which can safeguard health by protecting against infection from harmful bacteria, inhibit the production of intestinal putrefactive compounds, produce vitamins, enhance peristalsis of the intestines, stimulate the immune response, and decomposing carcinogens. So SBOS has the significant healthy effects on constipation, paralytic ileus and adjust intestinal ecological environment, inhibit harmful, prevent osteoporosis, promote vitamin synthesis, benefit of keeping youth.


Soybean oligosaccharides can be added to a variety of drinks,lactic acid bacteria drinks, carbonated beverages, powdered beverage to make nutrition, health or beauty type drinks.
Soy oligosaccharides can be applied to bakery products to produce a pleasant color.
Soy oligosaccharides alternative to sugar for candy, fruit of force, chewing gum, biscuits and other products, and can enhance the nutrition and health function products.
Soy oligosaccharides can also be applied to ice cream,jelly, pudding, sauces, sweet ignorant feed, milk powder and other has partially or completely replace sugar to be suitable for special person.Soybean oligosaccharides intake depends.


Protein on dry matter90%  min
Moisture7%  max
Ash6% max
Crude fiber4%  max
Fat0.5% max
Cadmium< 1mg/kg
Arsenic< 2mg/ kg
Lead< 3mg/kg
Mercury< 1mg/kg
Standard plate count< 5000/g
Mould and yeasts< 50/g
Salmonella in 25gabsent


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