Competitive Price Food Additive-Casein phosphopeptides

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Competitive Price Food Additive-Casein phosphopeptides

Competitive Price Food Additive-Casein phosphopeptides

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Competitive Price Food Additive-Casein phosphopeptides

Food Grade Additive Nutrition Enhancers Powder of Casein Phosphopeptides/ CPP

Product Name: Casein Calcium Phosphopeptides

Other Names: CPP

Specification: 80%

Certificate: ISO

MF: C18H12CrN3O6

Appearance: White crystalline powder


Casein peptide phosphate (CPP), derived from natural high quality protein - milk Casein, it can effectively improve human bivalent minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc intake and absorption and utilization, also has a permanent tooth and JianChi, the action of gingiva tooth.CPP is also focusing on improving the utilization ratio of the absorption of calcium nutrition and development of new products, it is now realized industrialization living peptide one of food additives, it compared with VD absorptivity, non-toxic side effects, more can improve other divalent minerals such as zinc, iron absorption.CPP can promote the lower part of the small intestine is the passive diffusion of saturated calcium absorption, the absorption is not affected by the change of the age and VD.


It can be added to variety of food ,including beverage ,baked food, cool drinks, milk based products, fermented food, snacks, candies, jam, children’s curried meat, chewing gum, health food ,and condiments ,it can meet different needs from different people with different age. Pure CPP and high pure CPP is used in medicine production.


CPP is particularly suitable for various health care products that enriched with calcium, iron and zinc, formulated milk for infants and students, nutritional soy milk, infant rice meal and other functional foods. the suggested dose for mineral enriched food is 30~50% of the total calcium content, and 0.5~1.0 times for health care products.


Item Index
Total nitrogen (dry base)≥12.5%
CPP content(dry base)≥20%
Total plate count,cfu/g≤3000
disease germ(Salmonella,staphylococcus aureus) Absent


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