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Competitive Price Food Additive -Bromelain

Competitive Price Food Additive -Bromelain

SHANGHAI CBAGRO CO.,LTD | Professional nature plant extracts manufacturer and supplier|Competitive Price Food Additive -Bromelain

High Quality Organic natural bromelain

Product name: pineapple extract  bromelain 1000GDU-2500GDU

Extract part: Stems, leaves, bark

Branch: Bromeliads

Molecular weight: About 33000

EASNo.: 9001-00-7

EINECS No.: 253-387-5

Product Description:

Bromelain is an extract derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all parts of the fresh plant and fruit, which has many uses. The extract has a history of folk and modern medicinal use. As a supplement it is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects.bromelain 2400 gdu

Main Functions:

  1. Bromelain has a tender skin, the excellent efficacy Whitening
  2. Bromelain can inhibit tumor cell growth
  3. Bromelain can promote the absorption of nutrients.


Pharmaceutical Industry:

Some medicine with Pineapple Enzyme Bromelain like throat tablet can diminish inflammation, facilitate  digestion and improve immunological competence. So it can be applied in examination, treatment of  gynecopathy, glaucoma and inset bitten.

Food Industry:
Applied in hydrolyzing protein of plants and animals, so pineapple enzyme bromelain can be used in the meat  tenderizer, wine clarifier, stabilizer of noodle, health foods and soy sauce brewing etc.

Certification of bromelain 2400gdu:

Optimum Temperature50-60 °C
Optimum pH5.5 – 7.0
AppearanceLight yellow powder., Hygroscopic
Particle Size (mesh): Sieve test100 % passage through 40 mesh
Bulk density(Kg/lit)0.4-0.5
Loss of drying < 5% at 103-105°C, 5 h
Residue on Ignition<5%
Solubility in waterPartly soluble in water; insoluble in organic solvent
Identifiable activity+ Ve proteolytic activity
Proteolytic activity600 GDU/gram to 3000 GDU/gram
Microbiological Quality 
Total viable aerobic count(TVAC)<2,000 CFU/ gram
Total combined yeast/moulds count (TYMC) <100 CFU/ gram
Bile-tolerant gram-negative bacteria<100/gram
E.coli: Absent/gram
Salmonella Spp:Absent/10 gram
Staphylococcus aureus:Absent/ gram
Heavy metal contentNMT 2 ppm


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