CBA Provide High Purity L-Arabinose Powder

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CBA Provide High Purity L-Arabinose Powder

CBA Provide High Purity L-Arabinose Powder

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CBA Provide High Purity L-Arabinose Powder


Product name: L Arabinose


Synonyms: L-(+)-Arabinose;


Molecular Formula: C5H10O5


Molecular Weight:150.13


CAS Registry Number: 87-72-9


Appearance: White crystalline powder, odorless


Assay: 99% min


Specific Rotation: 100-104degree


Melting Point: 154-158 degree Celsius

What is the L-arabinose?

L-arabinose is a kind of aldopentoses, it's a low-calurie sweetener, it inhibits the sucrase activity and prevents increasing of blood glucose, therefore, it can prevent fat accumulation and against high blood glucose disease. L-arabinose is more common than D-arabinose in nature, it can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, preparing culture medium and be used for synthesis in the flavour industry.

DescriptionWhite or off white needle-shaped crystal, no odor visible Impurities
Assay (on the drying)99%~102.0%
Water content≤0.5%
Sulphated ash≤0.1%
Melting point154~160℃
Optical rotation+102°~105°
Total Plate Count≤3000cfu/g
Coliforms≤ 30 MPN/100g
Pathogenic bacteriaNot detected
Escherichia coliNegative


1.L-arabinose can be used as a sucrose enzyme inhibitor to lower the Glycaemic Index(GI) of              sucrose containing products.

2.L-arabinose can be used in developing antiviral agents such as nucleoside analogues

3.L-arabinose can be used in various foods (except foods for infants or young children)

4.L-arabinose can be used as raw material for the synthesis of fine chemicals as well as                    pharmaceutical intermediate. 


1. Arabinose can take metabolic role to sucrose in the intestines, and can stop the conversion.

2.Arabinose has very good application future to reduce weight and control diabetes. .

3.Arabinose, as a low calorie sweetener, is approved to be used as a safe food additive by US FDA and Japan. The most representative feature of L-Arabinose is that it can selectively affect the sucrose enzyme which influences the sucrose digestion indisaccharide-hydrolysing enzymes in small intestine, and so Arabinose can well stop the absorption of sucrose in body.

4.Arabinose is a non-calorie natural compound sweetener, and it is good to anti-obesity, prevention & cure.

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