CBA 2021 high quality Capsochrome capsaicin Capsicum extract Capsicum pigment

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CBA 2021 high quality Capsochrome capsaicin Capsicum extract Capsicum pigment

CBA 2021 high quality Capsochrome capsaicin Capsicum extract Capsicum pigment

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CBA 2021 high quality Capsochrome capsaicin Capsicum extract Capsicum pigment

Product Name:  Capsicum Red Pigment

Other Name:  Chili pepper extract, Capsaicin, Capsicum frutescens L. Extract, Capsicum annuum L. Extract, hot pepper extract, cayenne pepper extract. Paprika Extract, Capsaicin, Capsicum Extract, Red Bell Pepper extract, Capsaicinoids
Caterogy: Natural Food Coloring Agent

Class: Food Additives and Food Colorants

Apperance: Red Fine Powder

Solubility: Perfect solubility in water and oil


Chili show color material basically is capsicum red pigment. Capsicum red pigment is exist in the chili of carotenoid pigments, accounts for 0.2% to 0.5% of the hot pepper skin. Foreign scholars had the kind of carrots to pepper the pigment of researching. Isolated from chili has more than 50 kinds carotene, which has identified more than 30 kinds carotene. Research shows that, the major component of capsicum red pigment is chili red element, chili jade red element. Generally speaking, capsicum red pigment (produce 10000 units) has the following some average index: acid 80% a 85%, mainly by linoleic acid, oleic acid, palm acid, stearic acid, nutmeg acid composition; Vitamin E0.6 % a 1.0%; Vitamin C 0. 2% a 1.1%; Protein (total nitrogen) 140-170 mg/l00g samples; Carotenoids a 15.5% 11.2%, mainly by chili red element, chili jade red element, R a carotene, corpus luteum element, corn flavin, hidden yellow qualitative wait for composition, including red pepper, the pepper jade accounts for 50% of the total amount of red meat a 60%.

Different pepper varieties of ripe fruit of carotene content are very different, different chili fruits mature in the total amount of carotenoids, red carotenoids (chili red element, chili jade red element) content and the content of chlorophyll have very big change. From the early results fruit fully mature, carotenoids amount and red carotenoids, each more volume 66, 124 times, and the chlorophyll content to close to zero when ripe, red and yellow proportion also increased to 1.34 from 0.22. So commonly used mature red chili fruits extracted capsicum red pigment.


Capsicum red pigment (water soluble, oily dissolve) is the peppers as raw material, adopting scientific methods for extraction and separation, and refined natural pigment. Main ingredients for red pepper, the pepper jade red element, is a deep red oil-soluble liquid, bright color, good dyeing force, good resistance to light and heat, acid, alkali, and not be metal ions influence; Insoluble in oil and ethanol, and may also be made by special processing water-soluble or water pigment dispersion. This product is rich in β-carotene and vitamin C, with health care function. Widely used in aquatic products, meat, pastry, salad, canned foods, drinks and other kinds of food and medicine color. May also used for cosmetics production. The products are accord with FAO/WHO international standards.

Main Features:

Not spicy, bright color, performance stability, heat resistance, resistance to light good sex, not affected by the influence of the PH change of oil products dyeing force is powerful. This product after repeated in addition to taste, refined, although have slight peculiar smell, add in product, no taste.
Application :

Spices, cream products, meat products, seafood, cookies surface shading, also can be used and feed, cosmetics, etc.

In the biscuits production process in, need to gush oil, can according to 1/400-1/100 of the pigment proportion with oil, can improve the cookies luster, and with the orange yellow, the colour and lustre of products is more bright-coloured, has been widely used, application and other products can be according to the amount of normal need to add.