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almond oil

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label 100% pure organic naturals almond essential oil

Product Namesweet almond oil/almond oil
AppearanceLight yellow to the yellow clear liquid
Odorwith the characteristic almond aroma
CAS No.8007-69-0
Relative Density0.910 ~ 0.923
Refractive Index1.469 ~ 1.478
ContentOleic acid≥75%
Extraction Method  Cold-pressed
Part Typically UsedSeed


1.Food: Sweet almond oil can be used as the cooking oil for cold foods or salad oil.

2.Cosmetic: As a carrier oil, sweet almond oil helps to prevent wrinkles and keeps skin moisture and it is anti-aging.

3.Pharmaceutical: Sweet almond oil can be applied in health food for food additives.


Appearance:light yellow to a yellow clear liquid
Odor:with a characteristic almond fresh aroma
Relative density:0.910~0.923
Refractive index:1.469~1.478
Acid value:≤3
Peroxide value:≤0.25
Iodine value:90~115
Saponification value:185~197
Content:oleic acid≥75%


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