2021 high quality Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen

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2021 high quality Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen

2021 high quality Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen

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2021 high quality Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen


Collagen is the most abundant and ubiquitous protein in animal origin, which comprising approximately 30% of total protein.

Collagen is mainly presents in all connective tissues, including animal skin, bone, cartilage, tendon and blood vessels.It is involved in the formation of fibrillar and microfibrillar networks of the extracellular matrix and basement membranes.Collagen forms great tensile strength and stable insoluble fibrils, contributing to the stability and structural integrity of tissues and organs.

The properties of collagen can be classified into two groups.

First, the properties related with their gelling behavior such as texturizing, thickening, gel formation, and water binding capacity.

Second, the properties related to their surface behaviour, which include emulsion, foam formation, stabilization, adhesion and cohesion, protective colloid function and film-forming capacity. In addition, collagen is a good surface-active agent and demonstrates its ability to penetrate a lipid-free interface.

Because of its special properties, Collagen is widely used in Cosmetics industries.


On Health Product:

Protecting the gastric mucosa and the antiulcer effect

Preventing osteoporosis (by promoting bone formation and enhancing bone strength).

Adjusting blood pressure.

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